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What Kind Of Spring Cleaner Are You?

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With so much to do and so little time, it’s important to find out how you clean and optimize your technique based on it.

Answer our four questions to find your spring-cleaning personality.

1: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

  1. Hit snooze once and then roll out of bed when the alarm rings again.
  2. I hit the floor running… once I have my coffee!
  3. Check on the children — who are getting themselves up and ready for the day.
  4. Go for a run before anyone else even opens their eyes.

2: How do you schedule spring cleaning into your life?

  1. I work spring cleaning into my daily routine, and I don’t necessarily limit it to the springtime.
  2. I leave one week open during the month. No appointments, no playdates, no work. It’s all about the cleaning.
  3. I schedule a day or two when the entire family is home and I enlist their help.
  4. I book a special day for my kids with grandma and grandpa and I clean for hours straight.

3: Does your family get in on the spring cleaning action?

  1. I’ll take some help here or there, but I’m fine if I clean solo.
  2. Prefer for my kids to stay out of it, and it’s not like they’re begging to help me anyway.
  3. I don’t care if it’s done perfectly, as long as it’s done. And I don’t want to do it all myself.
  4. I want to clean alone and quickly with my favorite music blasting.

4: Where does spring cleaning rank on your list of favorite activities?

  1. It’s one of my favorite things; in fact, I could re-organize my home all year long.
  2. It’s fun. I like to pace myself but still get it done on a timely schedule.
  3. It’s just another bunch of jobs on my to-do list, but a chore chart keeps it all under control.
  4. I want spring cleaning to be done and over.

Ready for the results?

Mostly As: The Go-with-the-Flow Cleaner

You like spring cleaning, and once you’re in it, you’re in it. You schedule your spring cleaning tasks around your everyday life. Your daily cleaning efforts are simply magnified so each room receives special attention including the closets, old clothing and the dust under the furniture. If your family wants to help out, that’s great. You’ll give them their own jobs to do and keep plugging away at your own. But no matter what, you’ll take it all in stride with the peace of mind that it will all get done by the end of the week, or maybe next week.

Mostly Bs: Slow and Steady

For you, slow and steady wins as it helps you keep your life in balance. You love to clean; so even if it takes an entire month to get your home organized from top to bottom, you’re totally fine with it. In fact, you’d rather clean and re-organize throughout the entire year than just one week or day during the spring. A little bit of cleaning everyday will keep your home healthy all year long.

Mostly Cs: The Team Player

You aren’t really all that excited to clean the house. After all, don’t you do that most days anyway? A big cleaning task such as this calls for a team effort. Everyone in the family has their assignments and can check off each task from the chore chart as they are completed. When every box has been checked on the chart, you can all relax and focus on the fun stuff again.

Mostly Ds: The Lone Cleaner

You have a job to do and you want it done now, without any helpers there to interfere with your schedule or methods. You’d rather do every job yourself and know that it’s done right than deal with delegating. In an attempt to make this happen, you send your family out for the day so you can focus on the tasks. You turn on your favorite music to stay motivated while you clean. Then when the day is over, you’ll welcome them all home to a clean, fresh home and sleep soundly in your warm, freshly-vacuumed bed.


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