I wonder what percent of families have a tablet on their kids’ Christmas wish list? If you’re like me, a tablet is 100% on that list, for 50% of my kids (I have two, by the way).

Researching and finding a tablet that’s not too expensive, has contained functionality, yet still engaging enough for a kid has been a real challenge – especially when your 3-year old has his sister’s ipad as comparison.

For today only, Amazon is offering 50% Off Select LeapFrog LeapPad Tablets so if you’re still contemplating the purchase, this may help tip the scales (be sure to look at the fine print for the details of the offer).

I’ve recently had the chance to test-drive my sister-in-law’s LeapFrog LeapPad tablet and found that it simulates a lot of the natural functionality and capabilities of an ipad, but has kid-friendly graphics, kid-safety limitations and educational content. Here’s more information on the product if you’re looking for details on this product.

My advice to all you gift-givers taking advantage of this deal today is to spend some time playing-around with the tablet before your little one gets his or her hands on it. While it’s intuitive, it still takes some time to get acquainted with it. No doubt your kid will want to play with it instantly, so getting past this initial learning-curve so you can help them confidently use it the moment they lay their sweet little hands on it will help.

Of course there are many other tablets that offer different capabilities, designs and price-points, so here’s a good guide on other tablets available for kids.

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