Some of the best holiday savings can’t be found until after Christmas.

Call it the “very early jump start for next year’s season”, but savvy shoppers often save their major shopping spree until after the holiday. In 2014, the National Retail Association reported nearly $65 billion in post-holiday returns and shopping; this equals about one-fourth of the holiday spending.

Whether you want to prepare a shelf in your gift closet, stock up on decor for the following year or even pick up something for yourself because you didn’t find it under your tree, post-Christmas clearance sales are the source to score the best deals.


Wrapping paper: You know you’ll need it next year, so why wait until you’ve totally run out and pay full price? The pretty paper usually torn to shreds is a holiday necessity and it does add a layer of fun and style to the package. Stores mark down most wrapping paper from 50-75 percent right after the holiday to get rid of it in a hurry. If you love fancy (read: expensive) paper, then this is the time to pick up a bunch of it. Wrapping paper is usually one of the first things to disappear in the after-holiday clearance, so stock up while you can.

Trees: Is it time to retire that old Christmas tree from years past? Hopefully, you can wait until after Christmas Day, because artificial tree prices are at a premium leading all the way up to Christmas Eve. From the majestic 8-foot trees to a small table-top version, trees can be marked as low a 80 percent off the cost of just a few days prior. Don’t need to replace a tree? What about putting up one in a different room to help spread the holiday cheer throughout the house? You could have the large, main tree in your living room and then put a table top tree in an entryway or family room.

Decorations: Looking to boost your decor for next year? Hurry in to your favorite stores to pick up everything from tree and exterior lights to wreaths and ornaments. Take some time during the holidays to scope out some of the decor items you really like, but aren’t on sale. Capture some photos with your phone, if you need to. Keep those for reference so you know what to look for when the sales begin on December 26. Then, head back to the stores and pick up what you like for a fraction of the price. Again, price discounts will range from 50 percent to 80 percent off, so it’s worth keeping on eye on these prizes.


Post-Christmas sales are also an ideal time to give some much needed love to your home. Now is the chance to restock on your most needed items or pick up some things you’ve been meaning to get, but just didn’t have the extra money to buy.

Kitchen and baking items: The peak cooking and baking season passes with the holidays, so retailers are looking to get rid of the following items in a hurry:

  • baking sheets
  • rubber spatulas
  • muffin tins
  • cake molds
  • cookie cutters
  • cheese boards
  • cooling racks
  • whisks
  • baking boxes and cupcake papers

Yes, some of them may have holiday themes on them, but does it really matter if you’re paying a fraction of the price for a good quality item you can use on a regular basis?

Bed and table linens: Out with the old table runners and tablecloths and in with the new. The annual post-holiday sale usually has these things in all shapes and sizes (square, oblong, rectangular) in abundance. Many of them may be in red, green and gold, but careful searching may find other colors to go with your home’s decor. Major savings can also be found on bed linens (sheets, blankets, comforters) as the new year approaches. New styles are being prepared for introduction while current styles are being prepared for clearance.

Clothing: Have your eye on a cozy sweater or a new pair of jeans? How about sales between 30 and 75 percent off clothing and accessories? Online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores slash their prices to get rid of leftover merchandise; it might be holiday-themed or simply winter-weather wear. The stores need to make room for the spring fashion collections (yes, already!), so they set the prices to move the merchandise quickly. Which stores can you expect to host these mega-sales? Amazon, Dillards, JC Penney’s, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Old Navy and Sears, just to name a few.

Just remember while you’re running the holiday shopping race before the holidays to save a little energy (and money) for the second half of the retail season. You may find the deal of the year among the returns, overstock and clearance items!