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With the holiday shopping frenzy safely behind us, there doesn’t seem to be a particularly urgent reason to go shopping right now — or is there?

I’ve noticed there’s something about a brand new year that makes people want to acquire lots of brand new things (maybe it’s the sales!). And while many of us are trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution of decluttering (konmari devotees, I’m looking at you), there really are some things that you should invest in as you ease into the year ahead.

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There’s nothing that pulls a winter outfit together like a really cute pair of boots. Aetrex Amber Sweater Boots combine some of the season’s biggest trends and they really are like cozy sweaters for your feet. Best yet the stretch factor means that even those with larger calves can comfortably wear them. Tired of the too cute rain boot trend of the past few years? Harley Davidson (Yes, that Harley Davidson) boots can add a slight edge to even the girliest outfit, but they also have incredibly rugged construction and are mostly waterproof. Halsey engineer style boots have lots of nice detailing (buckles!) and are surprisingly easy to break in. Wear with brightly colored tights for contrast.

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Luggage shouldn’t only look good, it should serve you on your travels as well. Whether it’s your daily commute or a weekend escape, why should you schlep a tote or carry on that isn’t only ugly, but one that causes you extra neck or shoulder pain? I recently discovered the Rolling Tote from Baggallini which has a surprising amount of room for not just overnight necessities (I’d say up to three days if needed) but also comfortable space for your laptop. I’m trying to segue to crossbody handbags for everyday use for less strain on my shoulders and elbows. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to get my hands soft this time of year. Add to that the obsessive handwashing/Purell applications to get rid of random germs and my mitts are more sandpapery than soft. To that end, I keep a tube of hand cream not only on my nightstand, but also on the coffee table (right next to the remote) one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen near the soap. Ahava Mineral Hand Cream contains water from the Dead Sea which is pretty much universally known to help with a host of skin issues. Interested in a completely natural treatment? La Tourangelle Organic Coconut Oil not only smells delicious (and is great for baking and stir frying) it also softens cuticles and rough elbows.

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Being indoors with the heat on and windows shut can mean that there’s a fine layer of schmutz (dirt) all over the place. Many cultures begin the new year with a complete scrub down of the entire home. I love The Optimist Co. Make Your Own Cleaning Products Kit, because with the enclosed recipe card, essential oils, pump bottles and castile soap, I’m able to create my own cleaning products (Why, yes. I did invent a Limoncello inspired floor cleaner). Or you can always invest in a Rowenta Pure Air one of the only air purifiers to eliminate not only your downstairs neighbor’s noxious cooking smells, but also any formaldehyde particles in your home.

Rachel C. Weingarten is a former celebrity makeup artist and noted style and trends expert. She’s also the author of 3 nonfiction books. The trade version of “Ancient Prayer: Channeling Your Faith 365 Days of the Year” will be released on 1/5/16.

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