We all know that getting a good deal on everyday items can be pretty motivating. But it can also be quite the task to cut coupons, stay tuned-in to fleeting retail sales, or jump through crazy hoops to get score a good deal.

One way to consistently save money is to check out weekly circular advertisements (remember those ads that showed-up in your newspaper?) when creating your shopping list and before heading to the store. At The Daily Clutch, we offer online weekly circulars from an array of retailers across grocery, fashion, home, pets, sports, etc. … with the goal of making it easy to quickly see what’s on sale.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you save every week.

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Most grocery stores and retailers release their weekly sales on Wednesday and publish them in-time for weekend shopping. Check out our weekly circulars and browse through these circulars as you prepare for your shopping outing.


Not all stores are one-size-fits-all. In a lot of cases, the lure of big box stores is the convenience that they provide — offering products from grocery to fashion to home essentials. Club stores are notorious for offering great deals on those items that you use most in your home. Here’s an article that offers some really great tips for shopping in bulk. The reality is some of these stores promote certain categories more heavily than others. So, start by creating a shopping list and keeping it handy (like on your refrigerator) and jot-down things you need as they run-out, based on where you want to purchase them. You’ll quickly learn where you can score the best deals for your everyday items, helping you refine your future shopping lists.


Weekly circulars are a great way to see the items that are on-sale and being promoted by a particular retailer during a given week. Give yourself a few minutes per retailer to quickly browse through their circular, cross-referencing what you have on your list. Add a “dot” or a note on your shopping list and specify the brand that’s on sale, so you can quickly pick it up while you’re in the store. If you really want to save money, look for manufacturer’s coupons on those particular brands and products to add even more savings.


Making unplanned “pit stops” to pick-up a few items is a reality of our busy lives. If you find yourself stopping in to a store without your pre-planned shopping list in-hand, pull-up these weekly circulars to see if there are any other last-minute or too-hard-to-resist items that are on-sale before you head to the check-out aisle.