Rock Star-Inspired Makeup For Under $7

There’s just something about musicians — their edginess, their carefree spirit and the way they exude major confidence on stage are all hypnotizing. As the music industry’s most notable and famous awards night approaches, all eyes are on them as we watch to see what the next big trend will be. One thing is certain, however: While the music may change throughout the years, the rocker-chic look is always on trend. It’s fairly easy to achieve — the key to getting it right is to borrow one or two components for your everyday look.

Here are four elements of rock-star beauty to take this look from the stage to the streets.



Eyeliner is the basis of a rock-star look. To get it right, line the top lid just above the lashline with black liner, adding a winged cat-eye tip at the end. Next, line the lower lashline from one end to the other, keeping the liner as close to the lashline as possible. Using a cotton swab or a smudger, blend in the liner and smudge outward just a bit to diffuse the color and create a smoky effect. Try CoverGirl’s Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner.


Smeared Eyeshadow
Smeared Eyeshadow

Try adding drama to your stare by infusing color. Rock stars love attention, so use an eye-catching color like a deep blue, purple or even green. Make sure to blend evenly and avoid raccoon eyes!



Red lips are always fun, but to get an edgier look, you need to get a little bolder and vamp it up. Apply a base color in a deep plum shade, and then for a plumping ombré effect, apply a brighter red color to the inside of both the upper and lower lip. This will add dimension to the lips and brighten up the dark plum, making it more approachable.


Iron basket with round hair brushes, isolated on white
Iron basket with round hair brushes, isolated on white

Loose, tousled hair will give you that carefree feel while bringing your entire look together. Apply a volumizing product on damp hair before styling like Pantene Volume Triple Action Mousse or Pantene Volume Root Lifting Spray Gel (whichever you prefer). Once the hair is dry, style it using a curling wand for voluminous rock star waves.

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