For The Home


The holidays have past, it’s a new year, and time to make resolutions for what you’ll try to improve this year.  What better time to get your home organized.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find those shoes you’ve been missing for the past few months?  In this four part series, we bring you quick and easy tips to bring more simplicity to your home.


Very often the entrance is a dumping ground for shoes, boots, coats, and backpacks.  Janine Adams, professional organizer and owner at a Peace of Mind Organizing ( in St. Louis, Missouri recommends, “Have a designated place for everything.”

  • Hang a key rack by the door so you place your keys there every time. This completely eliminates the lost keys, and wasted time.
  • For families with children, create a space for footwear, coats, and backpacks. Stacked cube shelves hold shoes or boots, along with hats and gloves. Be sure to place a label for each child’s space. And have hooks at the children’s heights for their backpacks and coats so they’re readily accessible.
  • Keep only what you need at the door. Adams suggests keeping only the daily footwear at the entrance. “Other shoes might logically go in the bedroom,” she said.

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