One of the best parts of the new year is the countdown to the big game — the Super Bowl. It not only brings great joy to mega-sports and football fans, but it’s the occasion for friends and family to come-together and socialize.

With this surge of entertaining about to commence, here are some ideas for how to host — or attend — gatherings on a dime.


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  • Many retailers are gearing up for the big game too and are putting popular foods for entertaining on sale. Check out weekly flyers the Wednesday before your shopping trip to see what’s on sale.
  • Aside from online coupons from grocery stores and manufacturers, you may also find extra cash back offers through apps such as Ibotta or Snap. We find there are typically more coupons for packaged items (instead of fresh items) — so for look for products like Chex mix, ingredients for dips and baked goods.


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  • Use what you already have. Use tubs and buckets from around the house to serve drinks.
  • Collect your kids’ (and your own) football gear to spruce-up the spaces around your home. Concentrate your décor in certain areas, like the food-serving table, in the bathroom or entryway so you can make a bigger splash.
  • You don’t have to buy team-branded décor —  find decorations in team colors, or go generic with just a football theme that you can find at dollar stores, party-themed stores or Amazon for less-expensive items. This will also allow you to re-use them for other everyday or special occasions.
  • If you’re attending a friend’s party, look here for a hostess gifts under $15.


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  • Check out Groupon for NFL gear and don’t forget to go through Ebates (right now clicking-through to Groupon via Ebates offers you 6 percent cash back).
  • Speaking of Ebates, check out its Fan & Pro Shops for other retailers currently offering cash back.
  • Use your favorite search engine (ie. Google) and type in “NFL promo code” and occasionally you’ll find codes for percentages off, free shipping, etc through sites like RetailMeNot.

This article was written by Amanda Moore, contributor for The Daily Clutch.