Monstrously Fun DIY Pencil Holders

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Spend some time crafting these cute pencil and pen holders with your kids. They’re easy to make, customizable and perfect for decorating a child’s craft space.

Tip: Monsters not your thing? Keep them away with our clever homemade monster spray! 

Clean, empty plastic shampoo bottle (bright colors work best)
Fine-tip black permanent marker
Crafts knife
Crafts glue
Sticker paper: black and white
Cardstock: white
Double-stick tape (optional)


  1. Use a permanent marker to draw a cutting line toward the top of a plastic shampoo bottle
  2. Use the point of a crafts knife to start cutting along the line you just drew; use scissors to finish cutting the line if needed. Reserve the top of the bottle for use in creating monster arms if desired
  3. Using the permanent marker, draw two monster arms on the removed section of the plastic bottle. Cut out using the scissors. Attach the top of each arm to the backside of the shampoo bottle using crafts glue. Let dry
  4. Finish the desired monster with your own imagination and cut and attach pieces of sticker paper to create facial features. This is a great place for the kids to get involved
  5. Attach your finished monster pencil holder to a wall, bulletin board or filing cabinet with a piece of double-stick tape

Tip: Mix and match plastic colors (e.g., green body with yellow arms) to give your monsters more personality. Let your child pick out the monster’s characteristics and have fun!


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