Is it true, or a scam that one may make money while spending it?

The reality is, it’s the truth. If you’ve heard of Ebates, you know it’s possible to earn some money, while you spend.

Ebates is an online portal that offers cash back for some of the most beloved retailers (covering approximately 1,800 online stores) including clothing stores, restaurants and travel and many other categories. Ebates earns commission on the referrals they send to participating retailers, retailers garner more sales from those referrals and YOU earn cash back based on the products you purchase (it’s based on an agreed-upon percentage of sale, and can sometimes it can be up to 50-percent cash back on your total purchase during the holidays!). Win-Win-Win.


The beauty of Ebates is that it’s simple — it doesn’t require many steps and fits into your natural habits of online shopping. The way it works is simple:

  1. Simply set-up an account on
  2. Select or type-in a retailer that you want to visit
  3. Click the “shop now” red button and then ebates assigns you a “virtual shopping trip” code, which simply lets the retailer know that you’re linking to their site from Ebates.
  4. you’re done! You then simply shop the way you would normally shop on a retailer’s site. As soon as you make a purchase, the retailer lets Ebates know and Ebates calculates the cash-back that you’ve earned.

Ebates then keeps a running-log of the cash you’ve earned, and then approximately once a quarter, you’ll get a check in the mail for all the cash-back transactions that you’ve earned. Easy as that!


Here are some additional tips and perks that make using Ebates even more worth your time

  1. Spread the word and get up to $100! Refer up to three friends and earn up to $100 (curently it’s $5 for the first friend, 2 friends $50 and 3 friends $100)
  2. Check their emails for promotions: Ebates is great at publishing exclusive deals and sales that offer you an even greater discount, and even offer special offers like gift cards to use in certain stores or special discounts on hotels and travel (like via Groupon Getaways)
  3. Double-cash back offers: Check their site to see which retailers are offering cash-back offers that are DOUBLE what they would normally offer.
  4. Install the cash-back button: This button hooks onto your browser so you never have to remember to go to The button just lets you know when “Cash Back” is available at the retailers you’re visiting online, so you don’t miss out on a deal.