Men can be difficult creatures to buy for.  Notoriously poor communicators, it may be next to impossible to pry out of them what they want to see in their Christmas stockings this year.

Different men have such varying hobbies and interests that a gift one man might rave about being the best gift he’s ever received might earn an express ticket to another man’s return pile. With this in mind, here are a few great gift ideas that are sure to win the approval of each of the special guys on your list.


Let’s start with the most-perplexing guy on your list. The Ungiftable. Can’t find anything on this list to strike his fancy? Pamper him with these numbers.

[zilla_column column=”one-third”]cuff_links [/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Stocking Stuffer

For the working lad who wants to make a good impression on his next job interview, secure a set of classic cuff links.

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[zilla_column column=”one-third”]jumper_shirt [/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Mid Range

New dress shirts, socks, and ties are always a must, but to really set him apart and provide the comfort, durability and look he needs, check out Jumper Threads. With 3 different collections (single, weekender, work-week) to pick from and an undeniable softness that will make him melt, check out Jumper Threads undershirts. They come in a lovely reusable mesh bag, perfect for gift-giving.

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[zilla_column column=”one-third”]art_of_shaving [/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Splurge

Luxury shaving supplies are a great way to for him to pamper himself. Check out The Art of Shaving starter kit.

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[zilla_column column=”one-third”]lifestraw [/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Stocking Stuffer

Give your outdoorsy guy the gift of clean water with the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. Popular with backpackers, hunters, and humanitarian relief organizations worldwide, the compact LifeStraw filters water from freshwater puddles and streams without the use of chemicals or batteries.

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Mid-range: Treat him to a fun outdoor experience like a day at a local shooting range or lift tickets for a nearby ski resort. Make the experience extra-special by including accessories like sporting clays and ammo or a new hat and ski gloves with his certificate or tickets.

[zilla_column column=”one-third”]gorpo [/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Splurge

Indulge his desire to record his adventures with a new GoPro Hero4. With amazing HD video quality and a range of special features, this durable, versatile, easy-to-use camera is a sure win.

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[zilla_column column=”one-third”]quadcopter [/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Stocking Stuffer

Tap into his inner child with a mini quadcopter. A small, inexpensive drone will provide him with a new challenge and at least ten solid minutes of exhilarating flight-time without running the risk of seeing your new pilot crash hundreds of dollars into tiny pieces on the ground. At about $26 on Amazon, this one is a great choice for beginners.

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[zilla_column column=”one-third”]phone_charger [/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Mid Range

True technology-lovers should never be caught unawares with a dead tablet or smartphone. Ensure this never happens with a portable external battery pack. Look for a high-capacity battery pack with a low charge time and at least one USB port labeled as 2.1A for charging tablets. Anker’s Astro Series rank high for capacity, portability, and size.

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Splurge: Help your man live up his James Bond fantasy with a new smartwatch. Just be sure to choose a model that’s compatible with whichever mobile device he owns. The popular Apple Watch is a great choice for iPhone users, but Pebble models are also excellent choices that work with both Android and IOS devices.


Stocking stuffer: Consider a monthly subscription service to a game rental site like GameFly. Like a Netflix for gamers, GameFly offers a wide selection of new games and classics for the major gaming systems like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Wii, and GameBoy. Subscribers can stream games directly to their TV or choose to receive either one or two games of their choice by mail per month.

[zilla_column column=”one-third”]raspberry_pi[/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Mid Range

Have a gamer in your life with every major gaming console ever to grace store shelves? Enter the Raspberry Pi mini-computer, an ingenious little device that will allow him to play retro games from virtually every old gaming system known to man. With a little internet research and about thirty minutes of his time, your guy will be able to pack away all those old gaming consoles for good while rediscovering the delights of Frogger and PAC-MAN.

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[zilla_column column=”one-third”] bluetooth_gaming_headset[/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Splurge

Retain your sanity and give your man the gift of social gaming with a Bluetooth gaming headset like this one. Wireless headphones allow gamers to connect virtually with other players and immerse themselves in the gaming experience with all the noise-cancelling benefits you’ll love.

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Stocking Stuffer: It may seem obvious, but a good book or new CD make great gifts for the creative intellectual in your life. Bonus points if you know his style or genre preference, but even if you don’t, you might introduce him to a new author or artist he’ll fall in love with.

Mid-range: T-shirts and other fan memorabilia from his favorite band, artist, or literary work are bound to be a hit. If you really want to make it on his nice list, scour local consignment shops and eBay for a cool vintage band or concert T-shirt.

Splurge: You absolutely can’t go wrong with tickets to an upcoming concert, play, or show. Have a little extra to spend? Purchase a ticket package for a coveted summer concert series or playhouse season.


[zilla_column column=”one-third”]whiskey_stones [/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Stocking Stuffer

For the gentleman who prefers his whiskey straight up, how about a set of whiskey stones like these. They chill your drink without watering down your spirits.

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[zilla_column column=”one-third”]brewking_kit [/zilla_column][zilla_column column=”two-third” last=”true”]Mid Range

Have a guy who enjoys brewing up his own homemade beer or wine? Replenish his stock of home brewing supplies like bottles and caps, yeast, and hops. For the beginner who’d like to try his hand at home brewing, consider a complete starter kit like this one.

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Splurge: Set up a tour of a local brewery, winery, or distillery, and spend the day sampling craft beer, wine, or bourbon. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is extremely popular with whiskey-drinkers, and the Greater Cincinnati region is home to over twenty craft breweries serving up local beer and wines. This one’s a treat for you too!


Stocking stuffer: Every sports fan in America knows this year is Super Bowl 50. To celebrate its golden anniversary, the NFL has created a line of special Gold Collection apparel. Give your man a piece of sports history with Gold Collection memorabilia from his favorite team.

Mid-range: Every sports fan deserves the chance to catch the big game. If your guy doesn’t already have a cable subscription to the major sports networks, consider subscribing him to a streaming service like MLB.TV, NHL GameCenter, the NBA League Pass, or an NFL Sunday Ticket. He’ll never miss a game again.

Splurge: Help him really be a part of the action with tickets to see his favorite team play. If you have a little extra to spend, get him tickets for the whole season. You’ll be his favorite person ever.

This article was written by Emily Leisl, contributor for The Daily Clutch.

We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.