Okay, so many of us have ditched the New Year’s resolutions by now, but there’s still an opportunity to be healthy around your friends, and that’s to take fruit to the Super Bowl party.

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There are a lot of football-inspired fruit dishes out there (you’ve probably seen several on Pinterest).

Check these out:

  • Go here to find out how to carve a watermelon into a football helmet. Fill it  with your favorite fruit. You could even pick fruit that matches your team’s colors.
  • Chocolate-covered anything is one of life’s greatest treats. These chocolate covered football strawberries will be a big hit on the big day.
  • For this one, all you need is a football platter, strawberries and bananas. Tailgate football kabobs will knock the opposing team’s socks off.
  • If kiddy fans will be at the party, pre-pack strawberries, grapes and pineapple in individual sandwich bags. Easy for the kids to grab and carry around the party.
  • Bravetart will show you how to make football-shaped passion fruit bars. This would be great to take to your kid’s class to celebrate the game.
  • Turn a whole watermelon into a giant football by following these step-by-step instructions on wikihow.
  • Why not take over your fruit blender and mix up some yummy smoothies during halftime? Add some flavored vodka for an adult kick.
  • Something Swanky has a nutritious recipe for “nachos and salsa,” which is fruit salsa and cinnamon chips.
  • A party wouldn’t be complete without pizza — fruit pizza that is.

These ideas will keep you fit and ready to play at your Super Bowl party.

Katie Simpson is a writer for The Daily Clutch.

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