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Downloadable Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Whatever room you’re spring cleaning, start by de-cluttering. After you clean, organize as you put items back.

Spring Cleaning: Throughout Your Home

In every room, you’ll likely need to clean the following things. Before you get started, download and print our simplified Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklist, where these things are divided by room, so you can easily track your progress as you go:

  • Ceiling Fans: Turn off and dust all blades.
  • Light Fixtures: Turn off and clean all components once cooled.
  • Windows: Dust windowsills and tracks; wipe glass clean.
  • Window Treatments: Clean curtains and drapery; dust blinds.
  • Doors: Wipe clean — don’t forget the tops and doorknobs.
  • Walls: Clean off scuffmarks, dirt and other grime.
  • Drawers: Clean and re-organize every last one.
  • Floor/Wall Vents: Remove (if possible) and dust.
  • Floors: Shake out and/or launder floor mats; vacuum rugs and clean floors.

Spring Cleaning: Room-by-Room

Tackle one room at a time, cleaning anything listed above, as well as these room-specific features:


  • Shelves: Dust.
  • Coat Closet: Complete a Total Coat Closet Cleanout.

Mudroom/Laundry Room

  • Linen Closet: Clean all surfaces and organize linens.
  • Washer/Dryer: Dust tops and fronts. Be sure to open them and clean the grime that collects on the backs of doors. Tip: Use a washing machine cleaner to spruce up the inside of your washer!
  • Cabinets: Clean off the tops, and then wipe down the insides and doors — remember to drag your rag across the tops.
  • Countertops: Dust.

Living Room 

  • Furniture: Dust solid furniture like coffee tables, bookcases and entertainment centers; vacuum and freshen upholstered furniture like sofas.
  • Electronics: Dust.


  • Cabinets: Clean off the tops, and then wipe down the insides and doors. Organize kitchen cabinets as you put items back.
  • Appliances: Wipe down the microwave — inside and out — as well as the coffee maker, mixer and any other appliances.
  • Stovetop: Remove grates and wash, cleaning the stovetop as they dry.
  • Oven: Complete an oven deep clean.
  • Fridge: Do a Total Refrigerator Cleanout.
  • Countertops: Wipe down. 
  • Kitchen Sink: Clean your kitchen sink basin and fixtures.
  • Dishwasher: Wipe down the front.
  • Pantry: Tackle a Total Pantry Cleanout.
  • Backsplashes: Wipe them down, paying special attention to those prone to splatters, like above the sink or behind the stovetop.

Dining Area 

  • Furniture: Dust solid furniture like tables; vacuum and freshen upholstered furniture like chairs.
  • Cabinets/Buffet: Clean off the tops, and then wipe down the insides and doors.


  • Shower: Clean shower walls, doors, ledges, fixtures and floors; launder washable shower curtains.
  • Sink: Clean basins and fixtures.
  • Toilet: Scrub the toilet bowl; wipe down the exterior — don’t forget the grime-prone spots behind the toilet.
  • Cabinets: Wipe off the tops, and then the insides and doors.
  • Countertops/Shelves: Dust.
  • Linen Closet: Clean all surfaces; organize linens and other items that find their way to this catchall closet.
  • Mirrors: Wipe clean of smudges and splatters. 

Tip: Get an in-depth look at cleaning and organizing this busy space in a Total Bathroom Cleanout.


  • Bedding: Wash (or dry clean) the comforter; wash sheets and pillowcases before re-making the bed.
  • Furniture: Dust solid furniture like dressers, nightstands and headboards; vacuum and freshen upholstered furniture like chairs.
  • Closets: Clean and organize clothing closets.
  • Mirrors: Wipe clean of smudges and splatters.

Tip: Help overnight visitors sleep sounder by doing a Total Guest Room Cleanout.

Outdoor Areas

  • Grill: Follow our Cleaning Tips for Outdoor Grills to clean your charcoal or gas grill.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Hose down and towel dry.
  • Porch/Patio: Hose down, let dry, and then sweep.


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