Beauty Freebies! Here’s Where To Find Them:

Ever since Estee Lauder gave out the first free samples with cosmetics products — what’s now known throughout the beauty industry as the coveted “gift with purchase” — women who love makeup have been on the hunt for more and better beauty freebies.

Here are some beauty freebies you might not have known about:


It seems as though you never need them when they’re offered, but start paying attention to the shampoo and haircare aisle. There are frequently offers of two for one products or bottles of shampoo stuck together with hair conditioner. It’s a great way to pay less for what you already love.

Birthday clubs:

Sephora is probably best known for their birthday freebies, sign up for their points program and every year on your birthday just pop into a store for a wonderful little gift. Past participants have included top brands like Fresh Cosmetics and Marc Jacobs.

In-store samples:

While we’re on the subject of Sephora, did you know that if you want to try just about anything in-store, all you have to do is ask a consultant to make up a small sample for you? You can ask for fragrance samples, skincare and anything that can be easily squeezed or spritzed into a small sample container.


Ulta stores are right in the middle of their 21 Days of Beauty promotion; specials include 50-percent off select Urban Decay lipstick and a Stila steal that I’m so bummed to have missed! Check out the full calendar of events here. And don’t worry if you’ve missed them, sign up for Ulta’s newsletter and you’ll be notified in advance of online and in-store deals.

Just ask:

Even at the swankiest cosmetics counters, there are always samples to be had. Just work up your nerve when passing by the counter or purchasing to simply ask “do you have any samples?” It’s smart business for companies to provide sampling opportunities. You might try it and love it.

Flip the pages:

Some of the popular women’s magazines, most especially those dedicated to beauty, will frequently have samples stuck on the pages advertising brand new products. These are especially common in the giant fall issues and in the early spring.

Check the coupons:

Believe it or not, sometimes cosmetics brands offer free full size products simply by presenting a coupon to the retailer. It’s not often, but it does happen. So pay attention to even brands you might not normally shop for, since there’s lots of freebie potential.

Look online:

Do a search for “beauty freebies” or “gifts with purchase” and you’ll find entire sites and blogs dedicated to the art of the freebie.

Please, don’t swap:

I know it’s tempting to join sites that offer cosmetic swaps, but please resist! You never know who’s used it and what kind of weird skin issues they might have. Seriously, most makeup can be a bacteria breeding ground and exchanging with a total stranger (or sharing with your BFF) is really a bad idea. And while we’re on the sort of subject — please exercise caution when using testers in-store. Because germs.

This article was written by Rachel Weingarten for The Daily Clutch.