Beauty For $10 Or Less


Imagine finding a skin product as good to your skin as you are. Well ladies, we have found the perfect product: Olay’s 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths. For less than $8, these wipes are gentle on your skin and will leave you feeling fresh.


What I like about Clairol’s Nice N ‘Easy is that it leaves my hair looking like I went to the salon —with lots of volume and a color that suits me. You can get it for $8. And there are so many shades available! If you’re not sure which shade would fit you best, you can always chat live with a professional.

Just remember to try it on a small lock of hair to make sure you love the desired color before doing it all over your head.


CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish has over 40 available colors for only $5.49 each. What more can I say? You could paint each nail a different color and still have more than 20 other colors to impress with later.


Ladies, not too long ago CoverGirl came out with a liquid foundation that I think works best for those of us with oily skin. Instead of trapping sweat and oil from your skin under the makeup, it allows your skin to breathe and prevents that unwanted shine. It is only $8.99 and it’s worth every penny!


It’s no secret that Secret deodorant is one of my “must haves.” Have you tried Secret Destination? It has a delicious aroma that lasts 48 hrs. The only thing you should pay attention to when using it is to give it enough time to properly dry. I tell you from experience! Sometimes being in a rush I forget, and then I notice the stains on my clothes. Ugh. But other than that, this secret is definitely worth sharing.

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