Administrative Professionals Day: 7 Ideas For Gift-Giving On April 27

Some joke that the administrative professionals in every business are really the ones making everything run smoothly, not the top bosses.

(Wink.) We all know it’s not really a joke.

April 27 is designated as the day to show them some love. Here are seven low-cost gift ideas to help you honor them on Administrative Professionals Day.

1. Time off

If you have the authority, give them a half day off of work to spend time away from the daily stress of the office.

2. Bake something

What is your administrative professional’s favorite cookie or muffin? Use your kitchen to create a desirable gift that he or she may then share with the office.

3. Time for a take-over

Get your administrative professional his or her morning coffee for a change, or take over the phone duties for the morning.

4. Send an e-card

Did you forget to get a gift? At the very least, send this free Administrative Professional Day greeting card from Somecards.

5. If there’s time, shop online

Etsy has loads of gifts that are specifically for your personal secretary ranging from 1-cent to $5, including cute items such as office-inspired pins and charms and funny magnets and posters.

6. No time beforehand

Don’t have time to shop? Run through a coffee shop and pick up this person’s favorite latte and a food treat.

7. Get the gang involved

Involve the entire office or your staff and increase your budget big time. What assistant doesn’t want a spa day or a manicure/pedicure? Sam’s Club now has gift cards that provide for a combined dinner and a movie.

Just remember, your admin works hard for you every day. So no matter your budget, a simple thank-you may go a long way.

Written by Katie Simpson for The Daily Clutch