Partying the night away on New Year’s Eve — with children?

Here are some essentials for keeping them entertained stretching past what’s normally their bedtime hour.

The easiest way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with children is to stay in and host the party yourself. Set up a play area, or even a room, where all the children can go. Make sure the play room is fully stocked with the following:


There should be balloons everywhere! You can even tape a black garbage bag to a ceiling fan and fill it with balloons so at midnight the bag opens and all the balloons fall out. Have each balloon numbered with a time on it. For example, if the party starts at 8 p.m., then label one balloon with an 8, then one with a 9 and so on until midnight. Pop each balloon at the stroke of that hour.


Print a resolution sheet on fun paper. Let the kids become creative with their resolutions.  Have them fill in blanks for such comments as, “This year I really want to …,” or, “I want to learn how to …,” or, “I want to be better at …”. It should be something fun to give to their parents to help them remember the celebration and also help them stick to their resolution.


The types of games that can be played will depend on the age range of the children. Minute-to-win-it games are great for a variety of age groups, and often hysterical. There are more than 100 different games to choose from so just search online for “minute-to-win-it games for kids.”


Cheap and easy finger foods are probably best for this kind of event for kids. Chicken tenders, mini-corn dogs and mini-hamburgers are true crowd pleasers. Veggie and fruit trays are always good for a kids’ food spread. Don’t forget dessert — perhaps a cupcake and cookie decorating bar. Have the cupcakes and cookies premade and cooled off. Then have different frostings, sprinkles and New Year’s Eve themed candies to put on the treats.


Hire babysitters! Better yet, have the older kids watch the younger ones and pay them. That way you don’t have to check on them every second and can enjoy your own countdown – and maybe a kiss – at midnight.

This article was written by Katie Simpson, contributor for The Daily Clutch.