Nail-Painting: 5 Ways To Resolve Your Struggles

Nail-painting surely isn’t for the faint of heart. Painting your fingernails can be frustrating — and time consuming. With one small movement, you can smudge and mess up your artwork.

Here are five simpler alternatives to having beautiful nails without the mess of slow-drying paint.

1. Nail stickers are a tad time-consuming to put on, but once they are on, they are worth it. No drying time at all, loads of different style options and — no chipping. Simply peel them off when you are done using them.

2. Spray on nail polish is a perfect and very quick solution for the women on the go. Simply grab the can and spray the nail polish on each nail. Wipe off the excess, and it dries in seconds.

3. Fake nails are a great solution if you have short or brittle nails. You can get them already painted and ready to go. Just be careful, the longer they are the more likely they are to come off.

4. Gel nails are the most popular way to do nails these days. This is perfect if you are good at painting your fingernails but just don’t want to waste the time waiting for them to dry. Bonus: If you take care of them, the color sometimes will last a month.

5. Natural nails are always the easiest and most cost-effective solution. Keeping your nails healthy, well-trimmed and strong are all keys to having beautiful, shining nails. For even more shine, paint them a clear coat to protect from everyday wear and tear.

This article was written by Katie Simpson for The Daily Clutch.

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