Whole Foods might be the perfect grocery store, with one fallback — the prices. Who hasn’t gone into the store expecting to spend $20, but left spending closer to $200?

Luckily, it may not be so expensive to eat right in the near future. Earlier this year, Whole Foods announced it will be opening a new line of grocery stores targeted for Millennials called “365 by Whole Foods.” The store is expected to carry an expanded line of Whole Foods’ value brands while still retaining the natural and organic qualities that Whole Foods’ shoppers are looking for.

With Whole Foods finally giving consumers exactly what they want — organic food at cheaper prices — take a look back at some other pivots by big chain retailers and services.

200-mcdonalds  MCDONALD’S

McDonald’s has long been the face of fast food, which in recent years has taken a huge hit. “Fast-casual” restaurants like Chipotle have become much more popular with consumers over the past decade, and the market has proven that consumers are willing to spend a few extra bucks for higher-quality ingredients.

There aren’t many who would confuse McDonald’s with quality. But while they still have a long way to go, the restaurant has made some strides in recent months. In September, the restaurant announced they will only use cage-free eggs and that they would begin using real butter instead of liquid margarine. To top it all off, after years of pleading, McDonald’s customers finally convinced the restaurant to offer all-day breakfast.

200-tmobile  T-MOBILE

As the internet has become increasingly mobile, data usage on phones and other mobile devices has skyrocketed. Wireless companies have cashed in, and continue to charge high monthly rates for data packages — which can be a real downer when you’re trying to finish binge-watching House of Cards.

But this year, T-Mobile announced a “Binge On” campaign, which offers free data use on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and Sling TV — the perfect plan for cord-cutters. The “Binge On” announcement comes months after debuting their “Jump! On Demand” service, which allows users to upgrade their phone up to three times a year. Most carriers require at least two years between phone upgrades.

200-hulu  HULU

Speaking of streaming, one service recently pivoted away from its long-standing strategy in order to keep customers happy. For years, Hulu charged customers a subscription fee while also forcing them to sit through ads during shows. Meanwhile, competitors Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon Prime offered their premium content without any ads.

However, in September Hulu announced it would a debut a commercial free service for $12 a month. They also gave consumers the option to continue watching commercials for $8 a month.

The announcement came on the back of a few other big gets for Hulu — most notably the rights to stream Seinfeld and movies on Epix.

200-cvs  CVS

CVS has evolved into much more than a pharmacy in the 50 years since its founding. However, when a company has “Pharmacy” in its name, you would think that the company would at least try and make its customer’s health a priority.

In 2014, CVS put its money where its mouth was. In February, CEO Larry Merlo announced in a videotaped message that the company would stop selling tobacco, saying that “cigarettes have no place in a setting where healthcare is delivered.”

On Sept. 3, 2014 CVS officially stopped selling cigarettes and other tobacco products.

200-starbucks  STARBUCKS

Have you ever grabbed a coffee at Starbucks, sat down in one of their comfy leather chairs and thought to yourself “I could stay here all day”?

Well, they heard you loud and clear. Earlier this year, the coffee house announced “Starbucks Evenings,” a food program featuring craft beer and wine and hot food in small plates. Though hot food and alcohol is only available at limited locations, Starbucks has applied for liquor licenses for hundreds of locations across the country with the hopes of rolling it out nation-wide.

Now, between pastries for breakfast, cold sandwiches for lunch and now dishes like truffle mac and cheese for dinner, you’ll really never have to leave.

This article was written by Alex Hider, contributor for The Daily Clutch.