Women can be tricky to buy for — especially a woman who has everything.

Here are five go-to gifts that a woman is likely to use every day and will be thankful you gave to her.


We never think of replacing these. This is something a woman would use every day getting in and out of a shower, washing her face and drying her hair. Why not give her the softest, prettiest one money can buy? She’ll think of you every time she uses these comfy towels.


Every woman loves to get jewelry, but not everyone has a proper place to store it. Here are two different styles of jewelry boxes: Dresser-top and Floor standing. Either way she will think of you every time she puts her jewelry on and takes it off. If you’re able to swing it, fill the first drawer with a nice pair of earrings to make it even more personal.


A woman’s skin should be soft like a baby’s bottom and using lotion, perfume and moisturizer every day can usually be a woman’s top priority. Here’s a nice Olay Regenerist starter kit that takes the guess-work out of mixing and matching (and provides a “discount” because you’re buying more than one individual item). Make these gift-worthy by packaging them in a nice wicker basket where she can store her products.


If you are lucky enough to be a woman who doesn’t need much makeup, then more power to you. But if you are like many others, you need a little help looking beautiful in the mornings. They have a lot of good brands and sets that make great gifts. The Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection has everything she needs!


Most women spend the majority of the time in the mornings on their hair. Up dos, down dos, side dos, even upside down dos take a lot of effort, time and money. Here are some gadgets that will most certainly be used every day — and will be appreciated. Our favorite go-to tool is the ceramic flattening iron because of how versatile it is. Buying a good one is essential, so don’t skimp on this.

Article written by Katie Simpson, contributor for The Daily Clutch.

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