For The Home


Weekends always seem to be packed with grocery shopping, laundry and housecleaning. But this weekend, why not change things up and get a little crafty?

Here are five easy DIY crafts to tackle during the weekend.

CHALKBOARD (anything)

Chalkboard paint is all the rage right now, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s inexpensive, easy to apply and easy to keep clean. This paint basically goes anywhere. I painted the inside frame of a door leading down to my basement in my kitchen this weekend. Now I’m able to write my grocery list on it. The inside frame on the door is split in two so I painted the bottom of it too and now my daughter has a chalkboard she can reach. Grocery list on the top, beautiful scribbles by a two-year-old on the bottom. You can also buy an inexpensive silver serving tray at the dollar store and paint the inside of it with chalkboard paint (get a stand for it there, too). Use it as a menu board to keep the family up-to-date about what’s for dinner. Bonus: If you get a metal serving tray you can also attach items to it with magnets.

PENCIL HOLDER (great gift for teachers)

Get an empty soup can (I used a Campbell’s soup can) and wash it and remove the label. Buy a packet of 24 crayons and some pretty school theme one inch ribbon. Hot-glue the ribbon all the way around it on the top inside and outside. Then hot glue each crayon along the outside of the soup can so the entire soup can is covered in crayons. Take the same ribbon as before and wrap it around the container with the crayons under it and make a bow. Bonus: You could also add a small pendent in the middle of the bow, like if you child’s teacher is named Mrs. Buchanan, for example, you could add a “B” in the middle of the bow.


Wreaths are a very inexpensive way to brighten up any front door. This one is for Christmas, but the idea for this can be used with any holiday. Foam wreaths are everywhere; they come in white and green. For this holiday wreath, I picked up a green one thinking that some if it may show through, but it didn’t. I also picked up a 50-piece fake glass ornament set that included all different sizes. It is important to use different sizes because you will need the small ones to fill in the little holes so you can’t see the foam part of the wreath. Get your glue gun out and start gluing … and gluing … and gluing. I went through about eight glue sticks on this one. Tip: Before you glue down the ornaments, glue a thick piece of ribbon to the foam so you can hang it from the ribbon on the door.


Did you know they make glow-in-the-dark paint? I’m super excited about this one. It really isn’t even a craft, just paint something that you would like to see glow in the dark. I painted my outside flower pots and they are like little lights on the ground to light up the backyard. You could even spray your patio furniture or make a cool design on the inside of your privacy fence so at night you can enjoy your lighted up artwork.


I have been doing this one for many years, and the outcome is always so wonderful. Buy a cheap lampshade — I usually get mine from the thrift store. It doesn’t have to be in great shape because you are going to cover it up. You will hot-glue “stuff” to it. By stuff, I really mean anything.  You could hot-glue a lot of small paper flowers to cover the whole shade, or cotton balls for a “lamb” shade. Or buttons, or rope, or burlap, or any type of fabric — you get the idea. I’ve even done a map. Find a map in an old book or get one printed and wrap it around the shade. The possibilities are endless and all it takes is a shade, glue gun and an idea. Whatever you use to decorate the shade, save a little piece and decorate the lamp base with it, too.

This article was written by Katie Simpson, contributor for The Daily Clutch.