5 Cost-Saving Ways To Update Your Wardrobe For Spring

It’s spring! With the weather consistently amazing, it’s time to face the fact that your old work wardrobe is on full display and in need of an immediate update.

So how can you update your look without spending your entire paycheck? Try slowly substituting one key piece at a time and continue to mix and match the old with the new until you have a look that’s fresh and of the moment.

If you can’t invest in a full range of new clothes, consider some of these quick work wardrobe fixes which will have you looking updated by tomorrow:

Build a Better Foundation

A well-fitting bra can transform the look of even the most basic top or T. And you no longer have to spend a fortune on a fitting or so-called better lingerie., once known for naughtier styles and club wear, launched a new line of everyday basic bras with irresistible pricing at three for $33.

I’m partial to T-shirt bras which offer a smoother line under even clingy fabrics. The Romantic Sketched Blue Racerback bra is beautiful and is perfect for days when you want to wear a tank top but still feel slightly dressed up underneath it all. The Smooth Things Over bra has a front hook and a higher back, which means that you’ll look smooth under sheer tops and not have to add another layer.

If you’ve got more to fill your cups, you might want to consider Curvy Couture who specialize in plus sizes. And before you panic about the price, they have a loyalty program where you’ll get $10 off your first purchase and free shipping and returns. Or you can always wait around for sales at your favorite sites and stock up when they offer two for one deals, Bare Necessities constantly updates its sale section and you can find bras at half off regular prices.

Add a Scarf

I’ve been all over the
scarf trend for this season and one of the reasons is that it acts as a fantastic distraction technique. Wearing a boring old navy blue t-shirt? Add a whimsical neckerchief or slightly longer striped scarf or a nautical pattern and suddenly you’re up to date and of the moment — for about a $15 investment. Best yet you can make it your signature piece this season.

Specs to Impress

My super stylish mother always says to invest in a good pair of eyeglasses because they’re like jewelry for your face– and if you think about it, it’s really true. If you wear glasses they’re just about the first thing that anyone notices about you — and they usually cost a small fortune. sells direct to consumer, so they can offer stylish frames that start for less than $40 and also sell designer frames like these Tom Ford beauties, even if you have a complicated prescription like mine, the cost is still significantly less. For me at least this means the difference between wearing a tired looking pair of glasses for too many years, or updating seasonally without spending a small fortune.

Sunglasses more your thing? You can shop Century 21 stores online for sunglasses at about a 70-percent discount off retail. Bear in mind that they might not be this season’s styles, but I doubt that anyone will notice!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

I have a
favorite pair of spring shoes that are looking a little worse for the wear since I tend to walk everywhere. In researching some of the cute new styles for spring I’ve also noticed that you can stock up on a few pairs (for less than $50) which is smart since you can trade off pairs and give your feet and knees a break every other day. has a pretty big selection of ballet flats that start at less than $15. Depending on their stock at the time, DSW has really chic wedge sandals for less than $40 which look great with tailored pants or cotton skirts. T.J. Maxx has Mary Jane style espadrilles for about $40 which add a smart look to even a skirt and top combo.

Make It Yourself

If you’re the slightest bit handy with a sewing machine or even a needle and thread, you can order a yard (or ½ yard depending on how long your hem preference is) of stretch jersey fabric and make yourself a cute knit skirt in about an hour. has a huge
assortment of stretch fabric all at less than $10 a yard. Place the fabric inside out, with one of your old skirts on top for reference. Trace with tailor’s chalk or eyeball it and cut about an inch around your existing skirt and then sew the sides and hem and add some elastic at the waist and voila! You’ve got a brand new skirt in under an hour and for less than $15.

Here’s an easy tutorial to help get you started.

Written by Rachel Weingarten for The Daily Clutch. 

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