There’s a day for everyone — even those who love to soak in a bubble bath. America!

It’s a time to forget all your chores and not feel guilty about anything: National Bubble Bath Day is January 8. Request the day off work, turn off your phone and send your kids to the in-laws. Optional: spouse?

Here are some ways to treat yourself on this occasion, and because it is right after a major holiday we kept it inexpensive.


Buying bubble bath is half the battle. Here are some options, depending on your mood :

Stress Relief



Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Wash & Foam Bath will smell divine and wash away the stress of the day. And for around $11, you’ll enjoy this little splurge even more.




Handmade and One-of-a-kind


Check out this kit, for only $30 you get their bubble bath dough, aloe vera face lotion, hydrating facial spray, and one soap cube. Everything fits easily into the free matching gift bag.




Adding something to the bath other than bubbles will make it even more luxurious. Oils, bath salts or even a scented candle are inexpensive ways to treat yourself.  Click Here to check out some bath salts. Making sure you have plenty of candles to light is also key. And here is a link for a very inexpensive, yet extremely luxurious bath pillow.


amazon_kaiIt is possible to enjoy a luxurious bubble bath without spending a lot. Buy trial size. One to try is Kai Bathing Bubble (2 ounces)


Not everyone has a tub to relax in. Check out Groupon to see if there are any special spa packages in your location. Sometimes, if you buy a gift card at a spa, they throw in an extra massage, or even a package full of their own products. Most hotels that have a spa offer discounts on a package with the purchase of a room, but of course that can get pretty expensive.

For the best spa experience for your money plan ahead, get the right products, soft music, mood lighting and a great book and just cuddle up at home. With all the money you will be saving, you can splurge on a good bottle of wine.

This article was written by Katie Simpson, contributor for The Daily Clutch

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