27 Easy Ways To Destress Right Now

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There are ways to take the stress out your life, if even just for the moment. These just-for-me moments can lower your stress level and help you feel calmer and more centered instantly. Our 27 ideas will have you smiling and relaxed right away. Try one (or more) right now!

1. Sip hot tea

The inviting aroma, the warmth on your throat, the health-boosting anti-oxidants and those 10 minutes to sit back and unwind are all waiting in one delightful cup. Try a new flavor each day and see which is your teatime favorite.

2. Call an old friend

Forget about your daily worries by reminiscing with a childhood friend.

3. Pet your cat or dog

Take a few minutes to thank your furry friend for always being by your side. Stroking a pet reduces stress and makes him or her feel happy, too.

4. Brush your hair

Running a comb or brush through your hair stimulates the scalp and can relax a worried mind. You’ll take a couple minutes to just think about you and walk away with knot-free locks.

5. Take a walk

Even a short stroll around the block to stretch your legs can make a big difference in your productivity and concentration. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the sights around you.

6. Fold the laundry

While this may sound like work, that pile of clothing laying around can cause stress just by your knowing its waiting there for you. Take 10 minutes, put on some relaxing music and get things nice and neat. Once you’re done, you’ll feel relieved.

7. Paint your nails

It’s hard to concentrate on the woes of the day when you are trying to carefully polish your fingernails. Choose a bright, happy shade.

8. Enjoy a candy sucker

If you can’t tear away from work, pop a fruity sucker in your mouth.

9. Read a magazine

Catch up on your favorite celebs, get some health tips, follow the news or get some new dinner ideas. Even if you don’t have time to get through the entire magazine, a quick escape from the daily grind is a stress-reducer.

10. Write a letter to a loved one

Think of someone you’ve been meaning to contact and let her know how much she means to you. Thinking of that special someone will make you forget your stress.

11. Visit an animal shelter

Even if you can’t adopt a new friend, simply visiting a shelter will make you feel good and will give the animals some companionship.

12. Bake chocolate chip cookies

They don’t take long to make, and the time spent paying attention to the recipe will take your mind off the day’s stress.

13. Watch cute videos online

Who can resist those adorable cat videos or cute toddlers saying the silliest things?

14. Take a hot bath

Showers get the job done, but nothing relaxes more than a soothing bath. Shut the door, dim the lights, and soak in a bubble bath of relaxing scents.

15. Hug your partner or child

Hugging relieves stress and makes you feel loved. That tight squeeze from a loved one releases endorphins making you feel great.

16. Lotion up

Take care of your skin and pamper yourself — you deserve it!

17. Make smoothies

Sipping a healthy smoothie of fruits, veggies and other healthy ingredients will rev you up, make you feel energized and give you a boost.

18. Read with the kids

19. Make a photo album

Print out your favorite photos you have stored on your phone and make an old-fashioned album.

20. Stretch

Stretching relaxes those tense muscles and helps you focus on our body’s needs. Find a quiet spot to get out the kinks and tension and you’ll feel refreshed and limber in no time.

21. Light some candles

Pick out your favorite scents like vanilla, cinnamon or sage and carefully light some decorative candles around the house.

22. Play some tunes from your teen years

Find some old CDs or search online for some of those songs that remind you of high school. Dance around the house or sing along like no one’s watching or listening. Being silly and carefree will help you remember to not take things too seriously.

23. Pop a big bowl of popcorn

Popcorn is a great wholesome snack that takes just minutes to make. Sprinkle some seasoning and munch while working or as a break-time treat.

24. Get a massage

25. Donate clothing to charity

You’ll feel wonderful helping others and less-stressed knowing you have cleaned out a long-awaited mess in your closet.

26. Watch a reality show

Take your mind off your own troubles and watch some mindless reality TV. The silliness of some of the programming will have you feeling a little more carefree.

27. Soak your feet




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