The Daily Clutch was born to bring inspiration (and completion) to the moments in your life when the desire and need to spend and save money collide. You know the times of year when you go big with gift-giving (uh-hum, the holidays) or during those moments when buying is heightened (like planning for your son’s birthday party, redecorating your home after a small reno, or switching out clothes from season-to-season). Those are the moments when your creative juices could use a little squeeze and when your bank account starts to cringe.

At The Daily Clutch we want to make those moments more inspired and budget-friendly – pleasing both sides of your brain (practical and savvy saving, without sacrificing quality and uniqueness) – we consider The Daily Clutch a handy space that helps you make your buying + saving decisions smarter and more inspired.


At our very core, we are journalists, It runs in our blood to investigate, uncover truths and share. We relish in giving you the chops to confidently get amazing products and services at great deals through budget-minded advice and expertise.

We promise to put our investigative know-how to very good use.


We think many perspectives, angles and truths make better ideas (did we mention we’re journalists?), so we lean on this team’s expertise to hand-curate deals, products and ideas so you can be informed and inspired with savvy ways to save and buy confidently.

We also partner with our colleagues to power the local coverage of news-worthy deals and saving and spending ideas so you are informed about your community’s happenings in this space. We really have you covered.


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